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All giving is good.  I support your choices of what organizations you donate your resources to.  Whether that is your time, money or both, I thank you for being the kind of person who cares about others.  My philosophy is that people who donate cannot be thanked enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In addition to saying thanks, Choices Fundraising has a unique Thank You Reward program.  To participate, make a donation on a website of a charity OR a website representing a charity such as a personal page of a volunteer participating in a walk.  Forward your email confirmation to choicesfundraising@usa.com and for every dollar donated you receive one entry to win a Thank You Reward item.  See the Thank You Reward tab for more details.

I’m Valerie, your Fundraising Muse. My goal is to inspire people to get involved in helping others and show appreciation for those who are already doing so. West is the puppy on my lap, he’s our mascot. He’s a future service dog who touches people’s lives in a way that only animals can.  West and I are out meeting hundreds of people.  I blog about what I learn from attending fundraising events, talking to volunteers, recipients of services and researching topics.  I also have an open invitation for guest bloggers who want to share their experience with a charity.

I invite you to follow my blog and follow your heart.

Valerie with West II


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